Town of Merrimack

Charter Commission

Current Form Sub-Committee


August 12, 2005





The Sub-Committee Meeting was convened at 7:05 AM at the offices of the Merrimack Village District, 2 Greens Pond Road.


Members Present:  Tom Mahon, Bob Kelley, and Tim Tenhave


Members reviewed progress of Current Form Research. Tim Tenhave reviewed his flow chart and Power Point presentation on the Administrative Code.  Mr. Tenhave pointed out the differences in the language of the code and actual practice.  Mr. Tenhave will complete the chart and presentation by August 16th. It was agreed that these will be included in the final report to the full Commission.


The Subcommittee discussed the City Form template with the expanded statute references and agreed to copy the format for the final report.  Tom Mahon will include the expanded references in the final draft.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 AM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Thomas J. Mahon

Sub-Committee Chair