Town of Merrimack

Charter Commission

City Form Sub-Committee


August 2, 2005







The Sub-Committee Meeting convened at 6Pm.


Members Present:  David G Yakuboff,  Peter Batula, Heather Anderson


Mr. Yakuboff presented collected data, Mr. Batula and Mrs.Andreson and Mr Yakuboff reviewed the data and inserted the appropriate data in the template provided to the sub commission.


Collectively, we found approx. four areas that we felt needed clarification. These issues were to be discussed at the commission’s next meeting.


Mrs. Anderson is going to prepare the template with the data provided to her, and Mr. Batula was going to gather additional information that could be used in the matrix.


Members agreed to meet again on August 9th at 6pm for preliminary review of all data, and on August 16th at 6pm for final review of the report to be presented at the commissioner’s meeting on August 16th at 7 pm.


The meeting was adjourned.





Respectfully submitted,


David G Yakuboff

Sub-Committee Chair