Lost correction

The Nashua Telegraph printed the following story on Feburary 7th, 2006:

If you have registered with the Nashua Telegraph's online version, you can read the story here.

Mr. Coleman contacted the Telegraph asking for a correction to be made to the story, so, in case you missed the correction, here is what Mr. Coleman stated (from an email sent to Tom Mahon on the 7th:

Tom, What I said was that if both failed everything would stay
the same and we would not end up with 2 budget committee's, which was
David's concern. In other words if the Charter fails, Norms petition
warrant article becomes void, even if it passes.

I have gone online and the quote you refer to was in response to
a different question. The question was what happens if the town charter
passes and the petition warrant to the schools fails. In other words
they printed the right answer to the wrong question.

I will ask the paper for a correction.


A followup email from Ken to Tom stated that the reporter knew he got it wrong and a correction would be in the following day.

As of 2/13/06, no correction has been spotted online or in print.
A Telegraph reader did spot a correction the day following the story. The correction was never seen online.