Timetable for Charter Commission Activities - Simplified/Verified by State Attorney General

Event Date Activity
Election Day June 21, 2005 Nine members of commission elected at same election as referendum for charter commission
[RSA 49-B:4,I(a)]
Notification of Election and Organizational Meeting June 28, 2005
Posting of Organizational Meeting June 28, 2005
Allocation $100 for Operations July 11, 2005
Organizational Meeting July 12, 2005 Organizational meeting held by commission and officers elected
Public Notice of Public Hearing July 13, 2005
Public Hearing Tuesday, July 26 2005
7:00 PM Conference Room
Merrimack Town Hall
Public Hearing held to receive information, views, and comments
[RSA 49-B:4,V]
Public Meeting July 26, 2005
Public Hearing September 13, 2005
Public Hearing November 8, 2005
Preliminary Report Available to the Public and Town Clerk By Sunday, December 18, 2005 Last day for filing preliminary report
 [RSA 49-B:4, V]

Clerk Files Certified Copy of Preliminary Report with Secretary of State, Attorney General and Revenue Administration

By Wednesday December 28, 2005 Last day for filing certified copy of report with Attorney General, Secretary of State and DRA
Notice of Deficiencies and any Remedial language from Secretary of State, Attorney General or Revenue Administration January 11, 2006
File Final Report with Board of Selectmen By Wednesday February 1, 2006 Last day for filing final report
[RSA 49-B:4, VI]
File Finals Accounting of Receipts And Expenditures with Town Clerk March 2, 2006 Expense Report(PDF)
Deliberative Session
Week ending
March 11, 2006 - Tentative
Selectmen Make Charter Available to Voters March 29, 2006
Where We Are
Last Date for Commission to Wind up Affairs April 2, 2006
Municipal Election April 11, 2006
Certification of Results April 14, 2006