Provision Current Provisions Authority
Governing Body 5 Member Board of Selectmen RSA 41:8 & RSA 41:8b
Legislative Body Offical Ballot Town Meeting RSA 40:13
Chief Administrative Officer Town Manager RSA 37
Representation At-Large
Term(s) of Office Three year, staggered RSA 41:8 & RSA 41:8b
Principal Officer Chairman
Period of Domicile No minimum
Residency Required
Vacancies Filled by BOS RSA 40:2
Compensation Set by Town Meeting
Removal from Office Provided by statute RSA 32; RSA 640; RSA 643
General Powers Provided by statute RSA 31; RSA 41
Appointive Powers Provided by statute
Non-Interference by Elected Body Limited RSA 37; Administrative Code
Appointive Officers Town Manager RSA 37
Organization Town Manager RSA 37:6, I
Administrative Code Not required by law
Merit Plan Town Manager RSA 37:6, II
Fiscal Year 1 July to 30 June RSA 31:94a
Budget Process Municipal Budget Act RSA 37
Budget Submission Date January 31st RSA 37:6,V; Administrative Code
Budget Hearing(s) Municipal Budget Act RSA 32:5,I
Transfer of Funds Municipal Budget Act RSA 32:10
Audit Not required by law
Supplemental Appropriation Town Meeting/Special Town Meeting  RSA 32:6; RSA 32:11
Fiscal Controls Municipal Budget Act RSA 32:7; RSA 32:18; RSA 32:22
Borrowing Town Meeting/Special Town Meeting  RSA 33 and RSA 31:10
Referendum Procedures 25 signature petition; BOS RSA 39:3; RSA 31:133
Initiative Proceedings 25 signature petition; BOS RSA 39:3; RSA 31:133
Conflict of Interest Not required by law Ordinace Adopted
Bond Issues Town Meeting/Special Town Meeting  RSA 33
Land Use Changes Town Meeting/Special Town Meeting  RSA 675:3
Annual Municipal Election Required RSA 39:1
Administrative Code Adoption Not required by law
Administrative Code Review Not required by law
Purchasing System Not required by law; Enabling Legislation RSA 31:59a
Investment Policy Not required by law
Transition Increase BOS from 3 to 5 members RSA 41:8b
Prepared by:  Tom Mahon 8/19/2005