Merrimack Charter Commission

July 12, 2005

Organizational Meeting



Commission members present:  Heather Anderson, Peter Batula, Robert Kelley, Fran L’Heureux, Tom Mahon, Finlay Rothhaus, Tim Tenhave, Lon Woods and David G. Yakuboff


The organizational meeting of the Charter Commission convened at 7:00pm in the east wing conference room of the Town Hall.  Town Clerk Diane Pollock-Trippett duly swore in all members and the first order of business was to establish officers of the Commission.


A motion was made by Finlay Rothhaus and seconded by Lon Woods to elect Thomas Mahon as Chairman of the Commission.  The motion carried 9-0-0.


A motion made by Fran L’Heureux and seconded by Peter Batula to elect Heather Anderson as Vice Chairman.  The motion carried 9-0-0.


A motion made by Bob Kelley and seconded by Lon Woods to elect Fran L’Heureux as Secretary.  The motion carried 8-0-1 with Member L’Heureux abstaining.


Chairman Mahon passed out material reference commission procedures – proposed, public comment protocol, Right to Know law and agenda for this meeting.  He also spoke about the State of New Hampshire’s RSAs pertaining to this commission and how all discussions and votes are to be taken in public.


Vice Chairman Anderson gave each member a CD containing charter resources which includes other NH towns’ charters and RSAs.  She also spoke on the commission having its own website and how the members can receive e-mail through the website.


Tim Tenhave spoke of making up a meeting schedule.


Public Comments – Andy Sylvia offered any help he could give the commission.


Next meeting – July 19, 2005


Public Meeting – July 26, 2005


A motion was made by Lon Woods and seconded by Tim Tenhave to adjourn the meeting.  On a unanimous vote, the meeting adjourned at 7:56pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Fran L’Heureux, Secretary